Healthy Cake or healthy pie, that is the question!

The original idea of this article was to tell you that in terms of healthy cake comparison, when torn between a piece chocolate cake or a slice of apple pie, you should always go for the apple pie. However the Attitude Organic team drove deeper research and realize that, in the opposite of the general idea, the apple pie might not be an healthier option!

The common idea: there is no healthy cake

It is 4pm, you are in the office, starving and stressed. You start dreaming of this slice of scrumptious chocolate cake you saw this morning at the local bakery. You go there, the piece of cake is waiting for you and the guilt suddenly makes you doubt. Should you go for the apple pie, just next to your dream snack. You weigh the pros and cons: the pie is made with fruits, so it contains more vitamins, brings you more nutriments and is less fat. The healthy pie it is. You have it and you are frustrated.

Can’t you picture it? At Attitude organic we stood in those place so many times! But today, in this article, we are going to prove you that you should just go for this chocolate cake if you crave it.

The data: comparison of an healthy cake and an healthy pie  

We are not too keen on counting calories, but we are pretty sure that this highlight is important and will make you feel better about your chocolate addiction. So let’s make an exception.

Tab healthy cake or healthy pie

Please take a look at the above table. As you can see, the chocolate cake contains less calories, less fat, less carbs and more vitamin A, calcium and iron. SURPRISED, aren’t you? Because we are astonished by the healthy cake prize going to the chocolate option.

The truth: chocolate cake is healthier than apple pie!

Sorry to tell you that ladies, but you have probably experienced it before and are just currently in denial: frustration and diet will make you even more unhealthy. If you want chocolate now and go for apple, thinking that otherwise you won’t fit in your jeans (WRONG, as explained above), you will be frustrated. So if you resist now, you will rush for the chocolate option tomorrow. The results: 751 calories (1 apple pie + 1 Chocolate cake )  instead of 340.

The conclusion: go for the cake you crave!

Go for the chocolate Cake. It is healthier than the apple pie and you will not regret it in an hour! If you are vegan and usually blame the chocolate cake to not be suitable for your diet, you are wrong. Check this healthy chocolate cake recipe that we love!

Do not get us wrong, do not ban apple pies, they are delicious. If you want an apple pie (and not chocolate cake) go for it. The frustration does not worth a difference of 61 calories 🙂
If you found the motivation and the strength to behave for this time but that you still want a delicious snack, try our healthy Granola Bar Recipe!