Give To Charity

We value brands with altruistic mission statements about helping others. That’s why we offer a few different brands that give back a portion of the profits they make to charity. We make sure to label each product that gives to charity and identify which cause its profits are going to.

What is a product that gives to charity?

When a product gives to charity, it means a portion of the proceeds of its purchase will go to a charity organisation.

Our charitable brands focus beyond giving to their customer. These brands also focus on giving back to help a community. They use their platforms to support organisations trying to make the world a better place. 

You can feel good buying these products, knowing exactly where your money is going and knowing that it is going to someone who really needs it. Purchasing these products allows you to experience the joy of giving and receiving at the same time.

How are our products charitable?

Bags and accessories that give to charity

When you buy some of the bags and accessories we offer, a portion of the purchase is used to help school children in Cambodia and Africa. Your donation is used to provide them with school bags and supplies. 

The charity organisations using the donations have all been thoroughly checked out. They make sure each donation is given to the child that needs it.

The organisations include: Education Africa, the Cambodian Children’s Fund and the Responsible Safari Co. 

Education Africa works to fight poverty in Africa, with a focus on education. It provides locally sourced stationary kits to African school children. 

The Cambodian Children’s Fund helps poor Cambodian communities in crisis. They help children who were working and living in a municipal garbage dump to provide for their families. The Cambodian Children’s Fund gives sturdy school bags to these children. 

The Responsible Safari Co also provides school bags to children in Malawi, Africa. These bags come from France, so shipping them to Malawi creates a carbon emissions in the atmosphere. So, to do something good for the atmosphere, the Responsible Safari Co works with the children to plant trees in their village.

T-shirts that give to charity

We also offer charitable t-shirts. 

When you buy one of these t-shirts, £1 from your purchase goes to the charity of your choice. You have a selection of 10 verified charity organisations around the world to choose from. They help with many different issues, so you can pick the cause that is personally important to you. You can also choose to pick two and split your donation.

These organisations include: Oxfam, St Mungo, Save the Children, The African Impact Foundation, Street Child, Help Refugees, Rethink Mental Illness, Stand Up To Cancer, Friends of the Earth and Free a Girl. 

These organisations help with causes like climate change, poverty relief, cancer research, homelessness, mental health awareness and environmental awareness.