Face yoga: discover the new trend!

Ladies, have you heard of face yoga? If you are looking for anti aging home remedies and  if you want your face to glow all day long, keep reading! If you are a yoga fan looking for a new type of yoga to explore, you should also take 2 minutes to go through this article. Attitude Organic explains here what this yoga for beauty is and answers to the question “do facial exercises work”. Video at the end because we know that sharing is caring 🙂

What is face yoga?

It is pretty much yoga for beauty. Exciting, isn’t it? It consists of accomplishing several facial expressions that prevent wrinkles and sagging by relaxing and toning the face muscles. The good news is that it is fully natural and does not require any surgery or chemicals. More concretely, it is a succession of jawline exercises, yoga for eyes position and many more.

Do facial exercises work?

We are pretty sure that you are very intrigued at this stage and that the first question that comes to your mind is “do facial exercises work”? This is a very good question because doctors and face yoga specialists argue about the efficiency and the risks of face yoga exercises.

The doctors point of view on face yoga

Some doctors claim, that if you get wrinkles it is not because your muscles are not toned enough, but because of the ageing of the skin. They remind that wrinkles appear because the skin loses its elasticity by repeating movement again and again. If you follow this logic, face yoga could actually accelerate the apparition of wrinkles.

Face yoga specialists opinion

Face yoga supporters allege that when you practice your face yoga exercises, you relax the muscles and sooth the tensions that force you to repeat unconscious facial expressions on a daily basis. For instance, if you repeat your jawline exercises, you release the tension in your jaw, you avoid contracting it for no reason and you prevent the wrinkles on this area.

Attitude Organic opinion

According to us, it is worth trying. You can start a face yoga program and photograph yourself for a before / after comparison and see if you are happy with the practice of your yoga for eyes exercises for exemple.

Indeed, what is the worst that can happen? It is not working and you will need to buy this anti ageing cream anyways. We would rather try face yoga exercises in the first place and if it works, we delay the concern, if it does not, we did not lose anything.

The other benefits of face yoga

It does not only delay and reduce wrinkles, it is also a good remedy against blemish skin. It increases the blood circulation which brings more oxygen to the skin resulting in an healthy and clear complexion. Thus, it eliminates the toxin so you can glow.

Face yoga exercises

We hope that you are now convinced to try. If you are, you can find below a video of very good and reliable exercises. The specialist recommends to practice 20 minutes a day and six days per week.

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