Etrican: pioneer of sustainable fashion in Singapore

Despite that it is really difficult to find sustainable fashion in Asia, Attitude Organic did manage to discover an organic cotton clothing brand that rocks: Etrican! Read below to discover more about the brand!

Etrican, a sustainable fashion brand

Etrican is an sustainable fashion brand based in Singapore and founded in 2009. The brand fights against the fast fashion industry that destroys the environment and exploits workers in factories. It believes in eco fashion.

This how the asian brand defined its four pillars: affordable clothes, great designs for your daily life, produced in responsible factories and in organic cotton.

What is organic cotton?

Ladies, the first question that come to your mind is surely what is organic cotton and why is it so much better?

What is organic cotton

Organic cotton is cotton that is produced without any chemicals and pesticides.

Why is organic cotton better?

From the environment point of view: It reduces the quantity of water and energy used during the process and the farming methods lock the CO2 in the soils. As a result, growing organic cotton produces up to 94% less greenhouse gas emissions. This figure is astonishing and eco fashion seems to us to be a key if you want to go for a more sustainable lifestyle.

From an ethical point of view: the factories producing organic cotton are strictly regulated. They are regularly inspected and need to be certified which means that they ban forced labour and child labour. So on top of being an eco fashion, Etrican is an ethical fashion brand.

Why we love this sustainable fashion brand

Ladies, if you live in Asia, you might have faced the same issue than Attitude Organic team: there is barely no sustainable fashion in Malaysia, in Singapore and in other asian countries. Etrican is one of the first ethical and eco fashion brand in Asia and we love the way they educate and communicate around their values.

Moreover, Etrican organic clothing pieces are absolutely dreamy! The cute colours are to die for, the patents are original and trendy and the materials are ridiculously soft. Besides, all the garments are affordable! You will love the collection and especially the dresses that we picked for you.

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