Ethical Brand: PeopleTree

PeopleTree was founded in 1991 in Tokyo, Japan by Safia Minney. The brand’s mission is to produce fashionable, accessible and high-quality goods that are made from only sustainable products. The brand ensures that they comply with Fair-trade standards in every element of their business, to protects farmers sourcing sustainable cotton, locals putting their best trades to work, and  many others working for the brand. You can read up on more of the brands ethical history here.

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable 

As an ethical supermarket, PeopleTree pride themselves in making all their products with respect for not only their workers and their customers, but also for the planet. Their battle against the damages of fast fashion commenced over 25 years ago. PeopleTree are able to successfully sell their organic, sustainable products without having a damaging effect on the environment.

As many of us know, fast fashion is becoming increasingly more damaging on the planet and has exploited millions, through the use of sweat shops, unfair pay and many more actions. PeopleTree vow to use organic cotton and put to work, the traditional skills of locals in order to support rural communities. The brand also weaves their fabric by hand and ship as many products as possible by sea instead of air to reduce their impact on pollution.
PeopleTree’s organic and sustainable products are dyed using azo-free dyes. Azo dyes are highly toxic to aquatics and other eco-systems when textile factories flush water waste. This dominantly effects developing countries. Azo dyes can also have a damaging effect on human health. These dyes make up around 70% of commercial dyes, but PeopleTree have taken a stand against this.


The brand has been recognised worldwide for their achievements in bringing sustainable fashion to the forefront of the fashion world. Last year Drapers awarded the ethical supermarket, PeopleTree the CSR Award. In 2015 the brand won the Ethical Business Award at the Better Society Awards. 2014 saw PeopleTree voted as one of the top five ethical companies in the UK.


PeopleTree also pride themselves in being able to collaborate with other influential designers and artists. The brand are currently working with the Victoria and Albert Museum to showcase a variety of patterns that the museum are famous for in a quirky, capsule collection.

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?You can shop these collections and many other products now.

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Written by Rebecca Jones