Ethical Fashion Show Berlin 2018: WOOW

The Ethical Fashion Show Berlin 2018 was an absolute killer! (Bad pun, maybe?) A big thank you to NEONYT for organising it. It was exactly what the fashion industry needed to support its revolution. It highlighted all aspects of the topic from eco fashion to ethical fashion. We invite to read that article if you are not clear on definitions!

The Ethical Fashion Show Berlin 2018

This Ethical Fashion Show always take place in July. This year, the event lasted form the 3rd to the 5th of July.

If you were lucky enough to attend it, you had the amazing opportunity to learn more about sustainable fashion through different types of activities. You were able to choose from lectures, seminars exhibitions or catwalks because not all formats suit everyone, right?

We take a second here to spread the word about how differently people are able to learn. Thanks Plato for opening the minds ages ago. Unfortunately we still have a long way to go so be Kind and tolerant!

Back to our topic, you could also obviously attend all the activities and make the most of it. Greedy ladies!

A vast pool of talents!

The Berlin Ethical Fashion Show 2018 was even richer than the past year. Indeed, it combined FASHIONSUSTAIN conferences and the Greenshowroom (organised by Neonyt).

The event only accepted and highlighted sustainable fashion brands in its showroom. “170 labels from 26 countries” were there to share their knowledge and collections with you. 

The lucky ones who attended the showroom had a vast choice of casual wear to choose from. A big time of this showroom was the talk about circular fashion. According to Ina Budde and Mario Malzacher who drove that amazing presentation, only 1% of the garments are produced in a closed loop. You can find more on the official website of the event, we encourage you to take a look!

The Neonyt Runway exhibited some of the most advanced sustainable fashion brands. As the event’s organisers say:

The event “is turning the vision of a neo-new fashion world into a reality on the runway.”

What else would we need to be convinced right?

Who was there?

  • Vaude king of biodegradable materials! If you are vegan, note it might not be suitable for you. 
  • Knowledge lounge.
  • PETA, as anybody would expect!
  • Nadja. If you follow our blog, you may have read our review of the brand! If not, we hope you will. It is just the best sexy and sustainable underwear we spotted so far!
  • Bleed

And so many more. Check the full list of brands that attended the Berlin Ethical Fashion Show 2018 on the website.

So, we hope this article made you crave to attend next year event because we are definitely planning to go! The event is already live  and wait for you to book tickets weither you are an ethical brand or a green fashionista!

This article is written by Marine Leclerc, the founder of that website. She owns all copyrights!