Get ‘Dirty’ with This Ethical Beauty Brand: Dirty Benefits

Good day everyone! With more natural beauty products coming up in our ethical marketplace, let us introduce you to this naturally and organically made face and body products by Dirty Benefits!

Handcrafted with Natural Ingredients

Dirty Benefits is a brand from South East Asia that uses only natural ingredients in their face and body products. Created with 100% non-toxic, safe and free of harmful synthetic chemicals, they provide you the goodness of variety of raw natural materials. Ranging from fresh coffee ground to natural essential oil, Dirty Benefits aims for tangible results from the first usage!

Dirty Benefits: A Cruelty-Free Beauty Brand

This ethical skincare brand uses high quality organic ingredients to give you the best therapeutic benefits. Formulating and creating the products from scratch, Dirty Benefits does not test on animals but on themselves. Thus, you only get the highest and the safest quality.

Face and Body Beauty Range

They offer natural products that are safe and full of benefits for your skin’s health. With natural ingredients to rejuvenate your skin, you can also experience the luxurious textures and calming scent of their products after a long, hectic day!

They specialize in face/body scrubs, clay masks and face mists. We definitely love their products, especially Coconut Coffee Scrub that takes off ‘naughty’ dead skin cell from your skin whilst giving a perfect moisture to your skin, thanks to the hydrating benefits of coconut oil!

For those who suffer from greasy skin and constant acne, the PURE Facial Clay Mask is great! It deeply cleanses your face, minimises the appearance of large pores and fights blackheads. 100% natural!

You can check out their other pretty natural range in our store! Happy shopping ladies and tell us what you think about the products that you tried! Xx


** Post Update this brand is unfortunately no longer anymore.