Creating Your Own Ecohome with Nkuku

Do you want to start your own ecohome? Or are you looking for more stylish eco decor products? We’ve got you covered! Like what most people say, ”good things always starts from home”. As a passionate ethical products seeker, Attitude Organic would like to introduce you to a brand that sells stylish yet ethical and socially-responsible housewares and home decor. Check this article to find out more!

Eco decor by Nkuku


Started and based in South Devon, England, the two founders of Nkuku, Alistair and Alexandra Cooke were inspired by the traditional craftsmanship’s of the local artisans they met when travelling throughout India and Africa.

Nkuku specialises in handmade eco decor with contemporary design, without leaving the art of true and traditional skills of the artisans. Trust us, with Nkuku, you have so many options to style your ecohome!

What Makes NKUKU Ethical and Ecofriendly?

Nkuku decoration

Nkuku has 3 values: they are ethical, eco friendly and handmade.

They are working closely with independent businesses and artisans that they consider as “partners”. Focusing on transparency, they build every steps of the production on cruelty-free and fair trade principles. They would make regular visits to make sure that there is no work pressure in the making of those home accessories product.

At the same time, they invest heavily on the artisans and they help them to get their accreditation to prove that they have been respecting traditional techniques for generations. This will help the companies to create and develop sustainable employments. This makes Nkuku listed as a member of British Association of Fair Trade Shops (BAFTS)

Moreover, they create their products handmade from eco-friendly and sustainably resourced materials (details after this!). They are committed to use left over materials and they recycle them to create new products. They also use recycled the paper and boxes for products delivery. What a great commitment to create a minimum impact to the environment, don’t you think?

Ecofriendly Materials for your Ecohome

Nkuku ecofriendly cup

Now we know that this ecohome brand that pays a great attention to its partners and products. What about the materials?

The company ensures that they are using raw, sustainable, recycled, ecofriendly and ethically sourced materials from around the world. Those eco decor production respects cruelty-free, human-power, and vegan processes. These materials include:

  1. Hemp

It is a powerful eco-friendly material that does not require any pesticide at all. Its robustness and durability make it a perfect long-lasting material for rugs and baskets.

  1. Recycled Glass

All of their glass products come from recycled glass. They washed it clean and melt it to make a new form of products.

  1. Cotton Paper

Nkuku uses organic recycled cotton rag to produce its handmade journal. This manufacturing method requires no tree-pulp so we can assure that it tree-free.

Besides, Nkuku uses both recycled metal and recycled aluminium to create beautiful frames. Knowing that recycled metal reduces the carbon emission compared to primary metal production, there is no doubt that the brand limits its gaz emission.

  1. Ceramics

Their ceramics include clay, terracotta, and stoneware which are brought by artisans around the world and skillfully crafted to produce beautiful mugs, plates and other ceramics product.

We hope you love this ecohome brands as much as we do. It is trendy and sustainable. If you look for another ecofriendly decoration label, check out Coyuchi!

Nkuku ecofriendly home accessories