Ecodecor alert: discover Coyuchi organic bedding

In our past articles, you learnt a lot about how to start with ecodecor . You surely realized that the easiest and comfiest way is to go for an organic bedding. Coyuchi is one of our favorite brand. Read below to discover why!

Coyuchi: an ecodecor brand for your bed


The brand respects as much as possible the fibers and the materials and tries to keep them pure. They minimally process the fibers without compromising on your comfort.

Coyuchi chooses their partner wisely to allow you to have a green home. The business partners of the brands have to fill criteria proving that they work on reducing their environmental impact. Some of them focus on reducing carbon emissions by using renewable energies for example.

The bedding packaging are also sustainable, as Coyuchi reduces, reuses and recycles them as much as they can.

Finally, they use a zero waste water recycling process in order to be more eco-friendly.

Coyuchi: an eco bed certified organic .

Coyuchia Ecodecor

The pillows, pillow cases, duvets covers, blankets… are mostly made from organic cotton. The brand is GOST certified.

A fair trade home decor brand

Coyuchi works with fair trade certified suppliers. These suppliers promise on improving wages and working conditions their farm and factories employees.

The perfect bedding for a cocoon sustainable home

Coyuchia Sheets for Ecohome

Just look at the pictures, the beds are dreamy. It looks so soft that we could spend our days in the bedroom. We personally fell in love with the twilight collection, what about you?

You can now start your way to a greener house! Would you have thought that being sustainable could be that easy right?