At Attitude Organic we are proud that every product we offer you is eco-friendly. We’ve done the research and give you a wide range of green products to choose from, so you won’t have to spend time searching through these products yourself.

What is an eco-friendly product?

Eco-friendly means that the product won’t hurt the environment. Eco-friendly products don’t have any chemicals or preservatives that would cause harmful pollution. This means that they won’t pollute the water, air, or land. 

Buying eco-friendly helps keep your environment safe and healthy. Earth is your only home and it’s important to take care of it. Chemicals in products can also hurt animals if it enters the environments they live in, like the ocean. Be careful what you put on your face. Think about where the water will go when you wash a chemical-filled product off your face.

How are our products eco-friendly?

All of the products we offer are safe for the environment.

The items we consider eco-friendly have at least one, if not all of these qualities:

Made-from-recycled-materials & recyclable

Many of our products are made with only recycled materials. That means that they are not creating any more waste that will end up in a landfill and hurt the environment with pollution. This also makes them sustainable.

All-natural and plant-based

The skincare products we offer are eco-friendly, because they use only natural ingredients. There are no unwanted added chemicals that could irritate your skin or hurt the environment. Natural ingredients are nourishing, soothing and contain beneficial vitamins and nutrients for your skin. Many of these products are also made using completely plant-based ingredients.


Many of our products contain organic ingredients and materials, such as cotton. This makes them free of GMOs and added chemicals.

No plastic packaging

The products are shipped to you with a minimal packaging that does not contain plastic.