Eco-Friendly Products for the Home

Your home should be a top priority when committing to an eco-friendly lifestyle. This is where you spend most of your time and energy (generally speaking). We have chosen our favourite eco-friendly products for the home, that are not only affordable but contribute positively to the health of your home. As well as the environment around you.

Eco-friendly Products for the Home

6 air purifying house plants

House Plants

Through extensive research, we have found that many plants improve the air quality of your home. Alongside producing more oxygen for you to absorb, improving respiration.

We have chosen 6 air purifying houseplants that you can get locally.  These plants help keep the oxygen flowing throughout your home.

NASA research has also found that houseplants can clean the air in your home. The plants can remove toxic vapours from the air as well as carbon monoxide and other harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde, through their leaves.


6 Air Purifying House Plants

  1. Aloe Vera plants work best in dry conditions with bright lights. The soil should be completely dry when watering. This is because the plant cannot absorb extensive amounts of water, which will cause the plant to die. As well as purifying the air in your home, Aloe Vera plants make a great moisturiser and burn treatment.
  2. English Ivy’s (Hedera Helix) should be kept at a constant temperature, in direct sunlight and watered generously.
  3. Snake Plant’s (Sansevieria Trifasciata) love bright light, but be careful to not overwater, as this will cause the leaves to rot. If you don’t have a lot of spare time, the Snake Plant is the perfect investment. It is very low maintenance (can be harmful to pets).
  4. Red-Edged Dracaena’s (Dracaena Reflexa) are also low maintenance and must be kept in indirect sunlight. Water to ensure the soil is always slightly moist.
  5. Chrysanthemum (Chrysanthemum Morifolium) plants work best in direct sunlight with a generous amount of water. Be careful though, as these plants are poisonous to animals.
  6. Peace Lilies (Spathiphyllum) don’t need watering too much, make sure to not put them in direct sunlight. Also keep the plant away from pets as Peace Lilies can be toxic to them and humans.

 Sold at most garden centres and homeware stores, these 6 air purifying house plants are easy to access. They are not expensive and there is a one to suit everyone’s aesthetic needs! 

Energy Efficient Light Bulbs

One of the most important eco-friendly products for the home is Light Emitting Diode (LED) bulbs. These bulbs last much longer than normal halogen bulbs, which saves you money as well as contributing to being more energy efficient! These bulbs are also durable and don’t get too hot when in use. So it won’t heat your room, perfect for summer nights when you don’t need the added heat of a halogen bulb!

 As well as LED bulbs, Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFL) are also great for the home. They are four times more energy efficient than normal light bulbs. This is because they emit the same amount of light through a lower wattage. They do cost slightly more but last longer than the average light bulb, a great investment if we do say so ourselves!

Biodegradable Bin Bags

As long as you are recycling properly this should be easy, to ensure that all your waste biodegrades in a landfill. These bags ensure that you aren’t dumping any excess plastic.

Shower Timer

The average person showers for 8 minutes per day, however, most dermatologists recommend showering for only 2 minutes (when not washing your hair). This would save a huge amount of water every day! To keep on track with your 2-minute showers, buy yourself a cheap shower timer to track your usage and also try to beat the clock, whilst still feeling fresh!

Solar Panels

If you want to walk the extra mile to make your home more sustainable, you should look into solar panels. Indeed, coal generates a footprint 18 times the size of solar, while natural gas creates an emissions footprint 13 times the size of solar. Read more about it here

Besides, going solar can reduce your utility bills if you do your research properly and can bear a large up-front cost.

These are just a few suggestions on eco-friendly products for the home that are great investments and all relatively cheap. For ideas on how to make your home look good; whilst being sustainable, read our article on Nkuku, a beautiful eco-décor brand.


Words by Rebecca Jones

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