Eco-Friendly Packaging: What Is and Its Advantages

Today people are more sensitive about issues like climate change, human health and environment. Choosing eco-friendly packaging is a way to prevent negative effects.

The demand for green products grows everyday. Eco–friendly packaging isn’t just a way to sell a product. It’s also a way to show company’s values!

Countries around the world are realizing that they must reduce the impact that trash is having on the planet. Trash is a big problem!

What is Eco-Friendly Packaging?

Organic products are better for the environment. They’re made of recycled and waste material.

For instance, products made of paper, banana leaf, bamboo, vegetable fibers and food waste are bio.

Also glass is green, it lasts for centuries, while plastic is not. Glass also lasts for centuries.

Eco-Friendly Packaging for Food

Being eco-friendly is a solution for all companies.

However food and beverage industry is the largest market that use green packing.

For example, Australia’s food packing is one of the most innovative in the world. The 100% of the country’s food package must be recyclable before 2025.

Also Marocco, Kenya and China have already banned plastic gabs in the country.

A report from a few departments of the U.S. government, listed the time it takes for some products to break down in the environment:

  • Glass bottle: 1 million years
  • Plastic bottles: 450 years
  • Aluminum can: 80-to-200 years
  • Plastic bag: 10-to-20 years

How bad is this situation?

Advantages of Using Bio Packing

However choosing eco-friendly packaging creates a positive brand image.

Brands can attract new customers and build loyalty with clients!

This shows that they care about ecosystem issues and that they are responsible.

Even luxury brands like Gucci and Louis Vuitton are promoting their green packing. This choice is part of a brave new future to use waste to make original products!

So, trash is turned into desirable and trendy furniture.

That’s a good strategy for companies playing to win!

Eco-Products’s Growth

Companies are feeling pressure to go green. Thanks to consumer demand, brands are greener than ever.

According to some studies, 73% of people said that their companies give importance to eco packing.

Unilever conducted a study in five countries to determine the percentage of people who prefer eco brands.

In fact, they found that 21% of people choose them.

Moreover, 53% of consumers in UK claimed that they feel better when they buy them.

Today there is a big buzz about eco – consciousness!

According to British Plastic Federation, plastic in the UK is 32% recycled and 70% is recovered.

In conclusion, now companies that don’t embrace green products will be perceived as sharkes.

It doesn’t just save the planet, it shows common sense and company values!

Written by Laura Sciascia