Discover creative recycling ideas for home DIY

Creative recycling is an innovative way to reuse everyday items. Did you know that there are many everyday household items that can be re-invented, reused and creatively recycled? In this post I am going to share creative recycling ideas for home DIY, so you never have to throw unwanted items again! Recycling unwanted household items is a fantastic way to live sustainably, embrace your creative side and get crafting with materials you have at home! Why not turn your waste into something resourceful and beautiful. It’s also a great indoor hobby to keep you busy, it saves money from buying new things and will bring out the eco-warrior in you!

Without further ado, here is my creative recycling ideas for home DIY:

Glass, Jars and Cans

As you know from our recycling rules post. Glass and metal materials can be easily recycled at home. But have you thought about reducing excess packaging by reusing them? Glass jars and metal cans can make for great  desk organisers, containers for food, makeup and toiletries. Or you can collect a few glass jars and add your own touches to make them part of your house decor. Candles, flowers, indoor plants and incense sticks. The possibilities are endless. 

Clothes, Towels and Bedding

Instead of throwing away your unwanted clothes, towels and bedding, why not turn them into washable cleaning rags! You can also use your old bedding and clothes and recycle them into cushion covers and teapot cosies. There are also some fantastic ways you can DIY your old clothes to create a new, trendy and unique wardrobe! Check out this site for some ideas

It is important to do your best to live a consume less lifestyle, read our blog to find out why it will make you happier! Additionally if you want to know more tips on how to make your wardrobe more sustainable, keep reading here for a useful article!

Newspaper, Magazines, Paper Bags and Cardboard

There are a million ways to get creative with used magazines, newspapers and paper bags. One example is getting creative with newspapers and magazines to make your own mood board and/or dream board. Why not find scrap cardboard as a base and put together thought words, quotes and images that inspire you! This is a great tip for all you goal getters!

Feeling artistic? Why not get a printout of your favourite image or outline it yourself. Use magazines to cut out pieces to create a collage! Now that’s a unique way to create some fab artwork for the house or gift to a friend and or family members!

Speaking of gift, the creative recycling doesn’t stop there. Try using home materials such as newspapers, grocery bags, magazines is by recycling these items into wrapping paper for gifts. Similarly, you can use it for packaging when you’re moving houses or storing items.

You can also use cardboard and magazines to make coasters, collect magazines to create cool paper beads, or DIY your own envelopes! Watch this video for some more inspiration on how to reuse magazines.

Broken Dishes

The Japanese art of kintsugi teaches that broken objects are not something to hide but to display with pride. So next time you break a vase, bowl, mug, or plate, why not try the Japanese practice of highlighting and enhancing the breaks to add value to the broken object. We found a video so you can try it yourself.

Another way to use broken dishes is by using broken china to re-tile outdoor tables, paths and plant pots.

Why not try some of these ideas for yourself and share your creations with us @attitudeorganic and hashtag #AOdoityourself . We’d also love to hear from you if you have some more creative recycling ideas!

Written by 

Nicola San Lorenzo