Dick Moby: An eco Eyewear Brand

You might ignore it, but in order to have a full sustainable fashion style, you need to review your glasses collection. Lucky you, Dick Moby is a trendy Eco eyewear brand that will make your day.

Dick Moby: presentation of some Eco Eyewear

Dick Moby Sustainable Eyewear

Dick Moby is an eco eyewear brand that is based on the love of surf and ocean. In 2012, the two founders of the brand: Robbert Wefers Bettink and Tim Holland went on a surf trip and had been chocked by the plastic pollution of  the ocean. They decided to fight this sad phenomena how they could. And what is the best plastic fashion accessory for surfers? Sun Glasses (Duh!)

In 2014 they had found both high quality bio-degradable acetate and an handmade glasses manufacturer. This is how Dick Moby, the eco eyewear brand started.

How is Dick Moby Eco Eyewear?

Dick Moby Sun glasses

Dick Moby ‘s mission is to be fashion, trendy and eco friendly. This is our favorite sustainable eyewear brand of the moment.

A sustainable Eyewear made of recycled acetate

Instead of going for classic plastic glasses frames, Dick Moby opts for recycled acetate. Their black frames are made of 97% recycled acetate.

For the other frames, they use bio-based acetate, free of crude oil and toxic plasticisers, reducing the pollution as much as possible.

Eco Eyewear Accessories

On the top of it, the glasses accessories are also eco friendly. The microfiber cleaning cloths are recycled from PET plastic bottles and they use recycled leather to make the hard cases.

The pros of this Eco Eyewear brand

Dick Moby Sustainable Glasses

The Dick Moby website is fresh and young.

As well as the glasses themselves. If you are a surf style fan, the glasses will suit you very well. If you are not into surf, they will suit you too. The designs are fun and trendy. You will obviously find what you look for to be hot on the beach without ruining them.

The cons

If you are not into online shopping, it is going to be difficult for you to get the glasses of your dreams. Dick Moby only have stores only in Europe for now 🙁

So in love with Dick Moby? We are! Complete your sustainable outfit with our other faves now!