Daily tips for a better skin

You do not have time for a fortnight appointment at the beauty center? You hate spending hours applying 8 face creams in a row when you are already late for work? There are a few tricks to have a beautiful skin that does not imply expensive and full of chemical cosmetics.

Consider your environment


How is your water? Check with your local supplier that it does not contain too many impurities and if it does consider buying filtration system or a purifier.

How is your air quality? Avoid smoky environment, if you cook with oil (let’s pretend it is not too bad), turn on the fan. Those simple habits could make a big difference for your skin.

Watch the sun exposure indoor. You might think that you are okay because you are at the office or driving to work, but you are not. The UVs track you everywhere… Those sneaky ones degrade the skin’s collagen and elastin and cause wrinkles and brown spots. Daily sunscreen is a simple gesture to add to your daily routine. What are 30 seconds application compared to looking 5 years younger in your fifities, right?

Take some time to rest


It is probably more easily said than done, but you know that you do crave for it anyways, so consider your skin as an extra argument to find some time to rest. Avoid the stress! It increases the production of hormones, makes your skin oiler and reduces the ability of your skin to fight bacteria. Your skin then become the perfect ground for acne.

To keep your hormones under control, you have two main options: Yoga and sleep. 8 hours sleep at night will reduce the body stress and pressure.

Watch what you drink and what you eat


You are not required to follow a restrictive diet at all, but adopting a few healthy living habit can have a huge impact on your skin. Of course avoiding fat and eating vegetables remains a part of it. But you can also think about drinking more water (at least 8 glasses a day). It will clear the toxins that cause inflammation and blemishes.

Reduce your consumption of coffee (2 cups a day max)  and alcohol. Coffee dehydrates your skin while alcohol can cause clogged pores and inflammation. Milk in big quantity is also an enemy to fight a it gives you acne, unfortunately searchers have still not found the real cause.

Drink more green tea and your skin will be happy. It has an anti-inflammatory, soothing effect and prevents collagen destruction. So basically if you can replace your coffee consumption by litters of tea, you will be on the good way.

Learn Skin Care dos and don’ts basics

You probably know it already, but you do need double cleansing! Even if the day was long and painful, this extra minute could make you save an extraction appointment at the beauty center. It is important to remove the make up (organic makeup preferrably) and the dirt completely before heading to bed. First use your make up remover and then a gentle corganic face wash that will deeply penetrate and fully clean you skin.

Avoid hot water. it probably feels great at the time, but it dilates the blood vessels and can cause flushing and ruddiness.

Finally, DO NOT touch your face. Each time you touch your skin (press a simple for example) you cause inflammation and push bacteria deep in the pores which result in acne and scars. You are strong and have self control? Prove it!

Drink more wine


After all the below advice that you need to remember and apply in your daily life, you are probably happy about the wine news. A tasty glass of red is full of resveratrol and polyphenol (great antioxidant) and helps to prevent lines and wrinkles.

Those tips are all pretty much easy to follow. If you find than some are more applicable or easier to integrate to your daily life, take those. If you love your morning latte too much to give it up, it is okay. Taking even a few new habits listed below will help, do not forget the best one: CHEERS.