Your Guide to Crystals for Healing

Crystals are definitely really pretty to look at! Most of the time, you can find these gemstones hanging in chandeliers in luxury hotels and at your jeweller. The news have baffled us that crystals are an alternative therapy to boost our wellness (what?!). At Attitude Organic, we always try to seek the truth, so we come up with a major question, what are crystals for healing and do they really work?

What are Crystals for Healing?

Crystals, according to HolisticShops, are minerals that have formed and developed in the deep underground for thousands of years. They come from a three-dimensional patterns of atom and their appearance depends on the natural characteristics and the environment. These conditions, sometimes determine the value and the energy it holds. Crystal itself contains ‘piezoelectricity’ which means that voltage (or energy) runs in them.

Due to its energy, ancient Mayans and Egyptians believed that crystals possess a metaphysics power that acts as a prophylactic to illness and negative energy. Hence, these crystal stones were often used as a healing medium during those times.

Nowadays, most spas and wellness centres try to use the benefits of healing crystals. It can be used as a medium to clear negative energy, re-energize, and balance our body and spirit. Celebs such as Miranda Kerr, Kate Hudson and Bella Hadid have publicly revealed that these crystals help them in gaining more positive vibes. They increase their mood and luck. If you look for more natural remedies to uplift your mood you may also use essential oils. Lemon essential oil is excellent to boost your enegy level. Refer to our essential oil guide to learn more.

How Do Crystals for Healing Work?

It might sound a bit confusing; but how such inanimate objects could provide a healing energy?

We all know that everything in this universe is made up from energy. As mentioned before, crystal consist of flowing energy that heals our mind and body spirit. These energies were emitted by the vibration, which exists not only in crystals but also in any objects that you can think of. According to Jissel Ravelo of Vibra Wellness, crystals have the same vibrations qualities that exist in human body. In short, crystals healing can “recharge” and amplifies our body and soul.

Additionally due to its power, scientist has figured out in integrating the crystals stones properties into modern technologies. You might not realise but your watch and laptops contain crystals to distribute energy. Some skincare brands also use the benefits of crystals into their products to promote skin’s elasticity and healthiness. But the real question is does this thing really work?

 Do crystals for healing work?

Up until now, there is no strong scientific evidence that crystals are a good healing medium nor has a direct effect as a treatment. However, placebo effect might occur when someone is a firm believer of crystals for healing. Psychologically speaking, placebo effect is a power where brain convinces body that a medication or treatment actually works even though it is not. So when you strongly believe that a healing gemstones can give you luck and balance, then so be it! And if we have to mention a quote from Paulo Coelho in his book The Alchemist, ‘When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.’ It all depends on your attitude towards the placebo effect and your mindset that you want to be healed!

Are Your Crystals for Healing Ethically Sourced?

We do not know much about where these precious stones come from and the wellness business urges us to consider several things such as: who manufacture the product (are they underage?), how much do companies pay them (are they underpaid?), are crystals sustainable and sustainably produced?

As educated customers, it is our right to ask from where the crystals come from and how the companies polish them (chemically or naturally). We have to make sure that we support businesses with ethical values and practices.

What Crystals do I need?

The romance Crystal For Healing: Rose Quartz!

This gemstone is the best for love because it vibrates love and compassionate energies. It is perfect if you lack of self-love and need to dedicate some time for yourself. You may also read our me-time activities article to find other ideas.

You could also use to improve your anger management if you tend to be a bit aggressive or get angry easily.


This purple gem is the one if you need to uplift your mood. Indeed, its colour has the strongest wavelength and it helps to go through low motivation days.

Black Tourmaline, say yes to Positive Vibes!

It is a great gem to have if you feel like negativity surrounds you. Black tourmaline neutralises bad energy and converts negative ones into their positive counterparts!

Tiger’s Eye

If you feel confused and lost, this brown healing stone will help you to find the way. It clears your mind and helps you in finding your path while protecting you during your journey.

Clear quartz

Clear quartz is a staple for yogi and meditations adepts. It cleanses the mind and absorbs the best energy.

Bottom Line

Using crystal for healing relies heavily upon our intention and our attitude towards it. So there’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’ concept when it comes to this gemstone. Therefore, Attitude Organic would recommend to keep our mind open to anything that could improve our life. If you think that healing crystal doesn’t give any changes to your life, you can keep it as a pretty object for social media posts! And if you decide to have one, it is great too. One thing for sure is that you need to set a good intention in using those gems. Create a good mindset in those crystals for healing so your positive power and energy transfer to that crystal and converts into a better one.

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