Be Allured with These Monthly Cruelty Free Beauty Box

If you remember well, we highlighted couple of time the Lovellula Beauty Box, a natural beauty box. Today, we want to give you a list of our favourite  Cruelty Free Beauty Box so you can choose the one you prefer. Read this article to find the box prefect for you!

The Concept of Cruelty Free Beauty Box

Cosmetics Shopping issues

Having a great and healthy skin that glows from within is literally everyone’s dream. Everyday we see numerous skin care products and cosmetics with high promises for our skin. The same goes if you are a vegan customer. Indeed, always more compassionate businesses offer vegan and cruelty-free beauty products. Their minimal packaging and their natural composition encourage us to buy. Not going to lie, if possible, we would want all of them right?

That’s where the problem begins. Surely we can ask for samples before trying new products from high street brands but how about online shop? We don’t have any choice other than relying on customer’s reviews or purchasing the whole bottle. It is quite tricky because we never know if the product suits our skin. If it doesn’t, we will leave it in a corner and forget about it. What a waste?!!

Why you need a Cruelty Free Beauty Box

That’s why beauty box services are here! This service allows us to play, try, and experiment with several beauty products before purchasing the full sized ones. Usually, it comes in five to seven travel-size or sample-size products depending on the plans you choose. If you’re lucky, you might get a full-size product! It is a good advantage because you get several mini products for a much cheaper price.

Furthermore, this service is beneficial for online small cruelty-free start-ups or big vegan brands. It allows them to promote product to a wider range of customers.

Therefore, Attitude Organic would like to show you several monthly cruelty free beauty box (UK based). Of course, all of these are vegan! These services carry various brands and products type such as face wash, lipsticks, bath bombs, body lotion, and more! So if you are new into the vegan world or if you want to discover more cruelty free beauty products, check them out!

Our Top 5 Cruelty Free Beauty Box Brands

  1. Cruelty Free Beauty Box

Cruelty free beauty box 3

The name says it all. This brand works with various vegan beauty brands to offer you the next cruelty free products in your beauty routine. What’s interesting is that your products are customized according to your preferences and skin type. You can also choose ‘Surprise Me’ to get new styles of beauty options. With £19.95, you get various beauty items such as shampoo, nail polish, face wash, lipsticks, and a lot more that suits your needs. Definitely interesting! The cruelty free beauty box is one of our fav!

  1. The Pip Box

Cruelty free beauty box 4

We love the The Pip Box because it offers high quality vegan beauty products. Named after the owner, Pippa, The Pip Box offers monthly subscription service for £14.99. Each box contains 5 items and a bonus product sometimes (woo!) It includes salt bath, dry shampoo, hand cream, lip gloss, and many more!

Also, 50p from every purchase is donated to Animal Free Research UK. It’s great to know that we spend our money not only to support conscious businesses but also to avoid animal torture!

  1. Natural Beauty Box

Natural beauty box

Natural Beauty Box is a dream for all vegans! It offers monthly five to seven vegan and cruelty free skin care products and cosmetics. Each box costs £24.95 with a real value of £50. There are several other plans as well such as 3 and 6 months’ pre-payment subscription and one off box plan. Natural Beauty Box offers products such as coffee scrub, body butter, konjac sponge and face wipes. Also, their products are tailored around a gorgeous monthly theme, so expect something unique every month!

Morover, every 50p from each box sold is donated to different charities each month. Previously they have donated to Marine Conservation Society, Woodland Trust, and Bleakholt Animal Sanctuary. What a good deed!

  1. Full of Kindness

Full of Kindness beauty box

We fell in love with the Full of Kindness box! It offers up to five selections of vegan and cruelty free beauty products each month for £17.99. It ranges from vegan hair mask, pore refiner serum, organic shampoo, and face balms. Full of Kindness is a pretty new brand, but what they do for the community deserves a round of applause. So far, 12 charities received donation from this brand!

  1. Beauty 12

Beauty 12 beauty boxBeauty 12 was born when two vegans got tired of reading the list of full ingredients before making a purchase. They also noticed that not much beauty boxes out there truly offer 100% vegan and cruelty free beauty products.

With £15 a month, you can get genuine vegan skin care and make up products, such as liquid matte lipstick, false eyelashes, and hair mask.

Also, Beauty12 will donate 30p from each box sold to ‘Days for Girl’. This charity gives freedom to women through sustainable hygiene solution and better environment!