Creating a Balanced and Calm Atmosphere with Essential Oils

If I had to choose a word to describe the atmosphere I want to create for my home, it would be relaxation.

To do this, I have to enable this feeling as soon as I get home consciously: I put ambient sound at a certain volume, take death breaths, manage my emotions, meditate, reorient my conscious to a state of calmness, etc…There are also, however, discrete treasures in nature which support me in my quest rejuvenate my body so it doesn’t prematurely age and for serenity — essential oils.

Natural, effective, and easy to integrate into everyday life, essential oils are perfect for those days when I feel scattered, off-center, stressed or tired. They are also incredible in helping my daughter concentrate, calm down and relax.

After hearing my experience with essential oils, you might be wonder where to start, which oils to choose, and how to use them. It sounds nearly too good to be true, although the reality is that different oils have different effects on different people; I am sharing my experiences with the oils to give you a starting point in your search for relaxation and peace within your home.

Follow this guide below!

Which oil should I choose for more serenity in the home for my family?

  • Lavender oil- Lavender is perfect for calming stress, anxiety and relaxing. It also acts on the quality of sleep.
  • Roman Chamomile oil- Chamomile is the oil anti-crisis of nerves! This oil calms agitation, relieves stress, reduced anxiety, avoids nightmares and chases away dark thoughts.
  • Mandarin oil- Mandarin is an essential neuro-regulatory oil. It is ideal for calming irritability and for fighting against anxiety and insomnia.
  • Bitter orange oil- Perfect for de-stressing, bitter orange helps those who are restless have a more profound and uninterrupted sleep. Calming and relaxing, it soothes small ailments related to nervousness, such as headaches, stomach, heartburn, etc.
  • Marjoram oil – Not to be confused with marjoram butter, this oil is effective against anxiety and stress. It is also known to help and rebalance nervous disorders.

How do I use essential oils?

Diffusion essential oils in your living room is a very gentle aromatherapy technique which will be appreciated by all in your household. Diffusing in a central area of the house such as the living room allows the distribution of essential oils in the air throughout your home, and allows your family to absorb the essential oils while still being able to breathe freely. For those essential oils focused on sleep quality, I also recommend having a diffuser in the bedroom.

All of the essential oils I listed above can be used in the following ways:

  • in diffusion for 15 minutes;
  • in a spray of 3 drops on a handkerchief, your pillow or your sweater;
  • for massage: dilute 4 drops of essential oil in a tablespoon of vegetable oil (olive, sunflower, or almond oil are all effective) and apply either inside your wrists, the solar plexus or on the soles of the feet.

I recommend not exceeding 6 drops a day in any form.

For children under 6, I prefer hydrolats or a form of water residue which remains from the oil creation process. You can also create a sort of hydrolat by mixing your essential oil with warm water, creating a less concentrated mixture which is just as effective for small children.

How do I know which essential oil to choose?

All these oils evoke calming, relaxation and soothing feeling, so let yourself be guided in your choice by your senses. Be sure to choose a high-quality essential oil which is either certified organic or 100% pure and natural.

Disclaimer: as with most active substances, little is known about the impact of essential oils on the development of the embryo. For this reason, as a precaution, al essential oils are discouraged in pregnant women and children under 3 years old, unless otherwise advised by a competent therapist.

My favorite oil is lavender!  What’s yours? As you begin your journey in essential oils, let me know what you discover and what your favorite oils are.

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