Clean green!

Most of the cleaning products we traditionally use contain petroleum and have terrible impact on both our health and the environment. If you look for the crazy figure, around 63 chemical products are found in an American home (10 gallons of harmful chemicals).  It is high time to find a cleaning plan B! Sorry ladies, this article’s purpose is not to give you an excuse to stop cleaning, but to encourage you clean green and to use homemade cleaners.

Find products that clean green

Nowadays, more and more Green Products brands are available. They promise that they are healthier, greener, and as effective as their chemical counterparts. They offer non-toxic and biodegradable alternatives that do not contain petroleum.

Besides, avoid antibacterial cleaners. Indeed, the FDA proved that antibacterial soaps and hand cleansers are not more effective than soap and water. So avoid those unnecessary chemicals!

Go for homemade cleaners to clean green

Homemade cleaners clean as much as chemical products. As an example, Vinegar and baking soda are great all purposes cleaners when you mix them with some warm water.

Baking soda can be used to deodorize the fridge and eliminate bad smells all around the house.

White vinegar with water and dispense are perfect to clean the windows.

Do not toss toxic cleaning products in the bin

If they are toxic for your home, they are toxic for the environment too. So make sure you get rid of them properly. Your city probably hold toxic & electronics recycling days and it is worth checking the dates.

Easy daily habits

Let fresh air in. The air is often more toxic inside than outside so please think about opening your windows once a day (and especially when you are cleaning).

Another simple advice to keep the house clean and healthy is to take off your shoes before coming in. You can refer to our article  How to make your home healthier? 

So we believe this a good start an we hope that it will not make your cleaning routine a bigger chore that it is. If you are too lazy to clean yourself, call a green cleaning service company, they exit! 😉