Claire Organics

Claire Organics is a line of all-natural and handcrafted skin and body products. It offers a wide range of products, suitable for multiple needs. They offer facial oils, exfoliating cleansers, soaps, facial toners, mists, scalp treatments and more.


Louise Chu created Claire Organics in 2012. She named the line after her daughter, Norra Claire. Louise realised that the “market was full of products with all kinds of harmful chemicals.” When her daughter was born, she was inspired to surround her with a safe chemical-free  home. She started making breast milk soaps, after attending a local class and learning about the benefits of breast milk for sensitive skin. Next, Louise made soaps for friends with troubled skin. After using her soap, her friends saw improvements in their skin. So, through word of mouth, more people became interested in her soaps. Then, Louise started to learn more about skincare and got an aromatherapy certification from the U.S. Afterwards, she started her business.


  • Cruelty-free

This skincare line does not test on animals.

  • Organic

Like the name implies, Claire Organics skincare only uses organic local ingredients. Every product is carefully hand-packed into tins. No preservatives are used, so every product is carefully hand-packed into tins. That helps them stay fresh.

  • Eco-friendly

Claire Organics is eco-friendly, because it makes its skincare with 100 percent natural ingredients. After using Claire Organics products and washing your face, no chemicals will be polluting the water. This is also what makes its products so gentle and suitable for even very sensitive skin. Most of the products are even gentle enough to use on your baby. All of the ingredients are nourishing, soothing and contain beneficial vitamins and nutrients for your skin.

  • Sustainable

Being organic and all-natural is also what makes this skincare sustainable. Claire Organics makes its products without any harsh chemicals. Unlike Claire Organics, many skincare lines on the market still use chemicals. Some have even used plastic beads in their products as exfoliants. With skincare it’s best to keep it skincare! 

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