Cheap ways to keep your wardrobe sustainable

Sustainability is all about being as eco-friendly as possible. If you’re wondering what sustainability is you can find out more here. Being aware of what type of fabric is used in your clothing, how they are made and what the brand you are buying from is doing for the environment all contribute to being sustainable. Of course, purchasing sustainable clothing can be on the expensive side. So, we’ve got some tips and tricks on how to keep your wardrobe sustainable without breaking in the bank.

Firstly, why is sustainability important in fashion?

You’re probably already aware of the damaging effects fast fashion has had on the environment. The fashion industry is said to be the second largest polluter in the world. As consumers we cannot control the actions of fashion retailers. We can, however, control our shopping habits. Check out our list of sustainable brands that we love to ensure you’re buying from eco-friendly and mindful retailers. They consider the welfare of their workers, sustainable fabrics and every stage of the product’s life cycle. This includes what can be done at the end of the cycle, which is what we are here to help you with. We can all do more to help increase the life cycle of an item of clothing with these top tips!

Tip 1 – Repair.

A quick and easy tutorial on mending holes

If you’re lucky enough to have a sewing machine…

Tip 2 – Recycle.

Repairing is a quick fix for clothes you want to keep. But what about those pieces you no longer want? Decluttering your wardrobe allows the life cycle of your clothes to be extended. Instead of sitting in there, unworn and unwanted, it can be recycled. Ever wondered how to recycle clothes?

Usually, people take bags of clothes to charity shops or homeless shelters for those in need. Another option could also be companies such as Return to Earn who offer clothes recycling for cash. You can make a bit of money by sending them your clothes, bags or shoes. The more you send, the more you earn. Their zero waste policy means that they ensure nothing goes to landfill by recycling everything they receive.

Tip 3 – Charity/Thrift Shopping.

Probably the most fun and rewarding option! Thrift shopping is a cheap way to keep your wardrobe sustainable because you are reusing a piece of clothing. We suggest buying something you love that you’ll get lots of wear out of. Here are a few of our favourite spots:

Atika (formerly known as Blitz) Thrift shop. Their stock includes vintage clothing, an array of high end labels and lots of denim. They’re located in East London and are definitely worth the visit.

Thrift shop online:


ASOS Marketplace


We hope you found these tips helpful and will keep them in mind. Taking steps towards a more sustainable wardrobe can be exciting and satisfying. We’re enjoying the journey and we hope you are too! Let’s be greener together.