Can You Recycle Old Bras?

I think all women will agree when I say that at some point of our lives, we all ended up with a drawer full of bras. Bras that we no longer use and that we even forgot we had. Whether we don’t like them anymore or we don’t fit in them at all, there is no point in keeping them. Neither in throwing them in the bin. So, to the question: Can you recycle old bras? YES, you can and you should in order to keep your wardrobe sustainable.

How to recycle old bras?

 If you have bras that you have worn, that you can’t use anymore and that are in good condition you can donate them to charities. Indeed, if you did not know, that is a thing 🙂

Against Breast Cancer recycling

Against Breast Cancer is a UK based charity that has a bra recycling scheme. Through this scheme it raises funds for breast cancer research. For every tonne of bras collected, the charity receives £700 to fund the research. You can donate bras to one of their bra banks or bring them to a charity shop that accepts underwear items.

If you want to know more about Against Breast Cancer recycling scheme, you can visit its website.

Oxfam bra recycling

This globally renowned charity fights global poverty as you probably know. The organisation sells the donations collected through a high street shop or through Oxfam’s online shop. However, 30% of the items, which includes bras, are sold to Frip Ethique, a social enterprise in Senegal. Finally, they invest profits in campaigns tackling poverty.

M&S bra recycling

M&S bra recycling project, known as M&S Shwopping, is a campaign that allows people to donate bras. It collects the items via their stores all over the UK and works with Oxfam to ensure that those bras are recycled.

Can you recycle old bras?

If you can’t donate bras because they are not in a good condition you can recycle them at a textile bank or a recycling centre. You might be wondering, Where can I recycle old bras? You can check recycle now’s postcode locator to find your closest one.

Now, if a friend asks you: Can you recycle old bras?, you are more that prepared to give her an informed answer so be ready!