Calling all foodies. Happy Sustainable Gastronomy Day!

Sustainable Gastronomy Day is celebrated today to acknowledge the practices and principles associated with sustainable food consumption. It also combines the art of collecting, preparing, and consuming the food we eat. The UN General Assembly designated 18 June to Sustainable Gastronomy Day. So today is a day to raise public awareness of its contribution to sustainable development. This day acknowledges gastronomy as a cultural expression related to the natural and cultural diversity of the world. Sustainable Gastronomy day also reaffirms the fact that all cultures and civilizations are contributors and crucial enablers of sustainable development. 

Initiatives that support sustainable development include:

  1. UNESCO are promoting clean energy for local restaurants.
  2. UNESCO  are raising public awareness of sustainable gastronomy
  3. Food and Agriculture Organisation are promoting green culture diets that are not only healthy, but sustainable.

What is sustainable eating?

It is important to practice sustainable eating in order to improve efficiency in the use of agricultural resources and enhance natural resources. Additionally it supports the needs and livelihood of individuals and communities. Read the list below to find out ways you can practice sustainable eating:

  • Don’t buy more food than you need.
  • Recycle food by composting and converting unused foods into jams or sauces.
  • Shop locally grown vegetables and fruits.
  • Buy from small and local suppliers who use or promote sustainable agriculture techniques.
  • Use all of the food you have on hand.
  • Be mindful of what is in your vegetable drawer and use it before it wilts and rots.
  • Make lunch to take to work — maybe try a meal prep.

In light of sustainable gastronomy day we also have shared our favourite recipes that are easy to make. Remember you can make use of ingredients already in your fridge and compost your food to ensure you are reducing food waste and sustainably eating. 

Vegan Recipes:

Easy Vegan Fajitas

Smoked Salmon

Gluten Free Coconut Scones

Lentil Burgers

Coconut Rice

Find out more nutritious vegan recipes here.

Sustainable Gastronomy day is also all about supporting businesses that reduce food waste

Want to avoid food waste at home? There are plenty of businesses that support sustainable gastronomy in its efforts to avoid food waste. Check out the list below for a few businesses that support sustainable eating:

Odd box provides farm-fresh colourful fruit & vegetables rescued from going to waste

 Toast Ale is an award-winning craft beer brewed with surplus fresh bread that would otherwise be wasted. All profits go to the charity 

Olio allows you to connect with your neighbours to share food and other things.

That’s all my top tips on sustainable eating. Happy eating and happy Gastronomy Day!

Written by 

Nicola San Lorenzo