The benefits of Organic Cotton Clothing

You probably heard a lot about organic cotton clothing but do you really know its benefits? Read this article to find out! We also share with you some of our favourite brands!

How sustainable is organic cotton?

When people think about organic products, they almost always think of organic food. What people rarely think about is the organic products that you can put on your body rather than in. Organic cotton is a great way to begin leading a more sustainable and environmentally friendly life.

What is Wrong with Conventionally Grown Cotton?

Cotton is used in loads of products today. Unfortunately, conventionally grown cotton is both extraordinarily harmful and wasteful. Roughly 25% of the world’s insecticides and 10% of the world’s pesticides are used in the producing cotton and ranks fourth on the list of the most heavily fertilised crops. It also requires a ton of water to sustain these chemically enhanced plants. By growing cotton organically and eliminating the harmful chemicals, it becomes: much cheaper to produce and uses less water. Besides, it does not expose farmers and cotton workers to the toxins from the insecticides and pesticides.

The Benefits of Organic Cotton Clothing

Apart from the environmental benefits of using organic cotton, it is also better for your health.  Since it does not use chemicals, it is better your skin and has even more benefits for babies. It is suitable for their developing skin as it is softer than regular cotton and does not contain toxins. Often chemical residue becomes trapped in the cotton fibres that can cause: skin irritations and rashes, headaches, and dizziness. For more benefits of going organic take a look at our articles on organic cotton underwear and organic Jeans!

How to Wear Organic Cotton?

Many brands are jumping on the organic cotton wagon. Patagonia has been using only organic cotton fabrics since 1996, but brands that are not as well known for being socially conscious are pledging to use organic cotton, H&M has just become the world’s largest buyer of organic cotton. Fortunately, there is a whole bunch of clothing brands dedicated to sustainable and ethical fashion. Here are some that specialize in organic cotton clothing:


A company that specializes in organic cotton underwear, and you can buy them at our Attitude Organic Natural Store.


Etrican Sustainablel Fashion

Another brand that we carry at our Attitude Organic Natural Store, strives to provide accessible and affordable clothes made sustainably and responsibly from organic cotton.


A London based natural clothing company that uses organic cotton, bamboo, and hemp for their pieces. Read our review of the brand here.

Beaumont Organic

They specialise in luxury apparel that is made from 100% organic cotton with a Global Organic Textile Standard certification. Check their website now!


Focused on a back to basics approach to fashion, they are also a member of the World Fair Trade Organization. We love their collection.

Sorella Organics

Takes a new approach to being an ethical clothing company by producing their clothes in small batches to ensure minimal waste.


Inspired by Indian culture their pieces use traditional techniques combined with fair trade organic materials.