BAO Skincare: our new love story!

We were contacted by Beth, the founder of BAO Skincare a few months back about how we could work together. This is how we discovered the brand and the products! We fell in love first with the aesthetic of the brand and we really appreciated how helpful Beth was. Keep reading to learn more about the brand!

Natural Skincare

We love Bao Skincare because the products are as natural as they can get. We love that they contain a very few of necessary ingredients. Those are carrier oils and essential oils mostly with minimal amount of chemicals.

When chemicals are added, Beth makes sure they are not aggressive so the range is suitable for the most sensitive skins. Thus, be assured that your new favourite skincare is harsh preservatives, chemical and parabens free!

The brand also uses organic wherever it can, which is ideal.

BAO Skincare is handmade in the UK

Handmade in the UK and natural is a perfect combo! This is why we love it so much and that we offer it on Attitude Organic. Not only the products are safe to use and efficient but they are made locally in small batches.

By purchasing these natural products, you support local businesses and you adopt a sustainable Attitude. You avoid all international importations, reducing your footprint and you fight against the disgusting cosmetic industry.

Oh and did we forget to tell you that “produced in small batches” means that you make the most of the natural ingredients? Yep, the amazing properties and benefits of the products will be preserved just for you!

Bao Skincare offers A Staple Range

If you have browsed the range, you probably realised that it covers all the basic needs! So no superficial even though you find all you need. From natural moisturiser and face washes to lip balms and foot treatment, you’re sorted!

Perfect for Daily self love time

Last but not least, those products are dreamy! They look, smell and feel divine. They instantly make you take some me time and lock yourself up. The Salt Bath is ideal for pampering Sundays by the way.

You should not wait anymore and try the range! Check our me time activities article if you need other ideas to have one of those slow and self love day!