BAO Skincare

BAO Skincare is a line of handmade all-natural skincare products. BAO products have not only been shown to improve skin, but help relieve stress, detox the body, help sleep, lift mood, and boost energy. Who knew skincare could do all that?


Beth Coldrick founded BAO Skincare. BAO stands for Beth’s Aromatherapy Organic. She discovered her passion for natural beauty products while traveling in Australia. She then decided to get a diploma in natural beauty and nutrition in 2006.  From there, she worked for 10 years in the beauty industry and opened her own salon. When her skin started to become hyper-sensitive and patchy, she wanted of course wanted to created an all-natural product that would help. So, in 2012, Beth started making her own natural skincare products. She wanted to create an effective, dependable and trustworthy skincare brand. In 2017 she founded BAO Skincare in her home in Southbourne, Dorset, in the UK.


  • Vegan

All of this brand’s products are 100 percent vegan. No animal products needed.

  • Cruelty-free

All products are also cruelty-free. No products are tested on animals.

  • Organic

BAO Skincare products are made using certified organic ingredients.

  • Eco-friendly

This skincare line is eco-friendly, because it is made using all-natural, plant-based ingredients. The plant-based ingredients nut butters and flower and plant essential oils.  These ingredients are gentle, hydrating and moisturising. This is what makes BAO Skincare are suitable for all skin types, including even very sensitive.

  •  Sustainable

BAO Skincare is sustainable because it uses sustainably sourced local ingredients. This skincare won’t contribute any pollutants to the environment. The ingredients used are safe for the environment, because they are free from artificial colorants, parabens, synthetic fragrances, sulphates, phthalates, petrochemicals, mineral oils and sulphates. In other words, a bunch of things you don’t want on your face.

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