August Natural Beauty Shopping

Marine, the founder of Attitude Organic shares her August Shopping List with you!

Last month, I ran out of so many skin care products that I had to do a big online order. I shoped some of my favourite products as well as new ones to try for you. Here is my august review so keep on reading to see how good and effective they are!

1. The anti-blemish treatment gel of PHB

anti-blemish treatment gel of PHBThis moisturising gel is Cruelty Free, Vegan, Halal, Free From Parabens, Artificial Fragrance, Petrochemicals, Formaldehyde, Mineral Oils, Palm Oil and Phenoxyethanol. Phew! It is supposed moisturise the skin while reducing redness and the appearance of blemishes. It also prevent scarring caused by acne and encourages a clearer complexion.

I do not suffer from severe acne but I do have a bit of hormonal acne and clogged pores. I did not buy this product to prevent scarring but to keep my skin moisturised at all time without clogging the pores. Indeed, this is a big advantage of the gel moisturisers. If you live in a hot country, like Asia for me at the moment or that you have a greasy or acne prone skin, gels are the best options for you.

I love that product so much! Even though all my acne is not totally gone, I can totally see that I have less blocked pores and dark spots. They were driving me crazy and I am so grateful to PHB for selling that natural beauty product! My skin is able to breath all day long and stopped shining. I also noticed it is a very good base for my BB Cream!

2. The Inika Naked Kiss Lipstick

Inika Naked Kiss LipstickAs I highlighted in my previous post about Inika (One of my favourite Vegan Makeup brands), I love this lipstick day time. Whether I go to work of for brunch with my friends, it is always on point.

Good news, not only this lipstick is vegan and cruelty free but it is also certified organic now. Thus, if you look for clean makeup, it is also suitable for you!

3. The Ooh! Organic Hemp Balancing Face Oil

The Ooh! Organic Hemp Balancing Face OilI received this Balancing Oil for free because of the Promotion on the Lovelula Website. Lucky me!!!

To be honest, I have not had time to use it long enough to notice long term effects. I am sometimes a bit concerned about using oil considering that I don’t want to clog my pores more than they are.

However, I loved using this balancing oil at nights. I went on a holiday by the sea and after the sun I felt like my moisturising gel was not enough to keep my skin balanced. Thus, I decided to use that oil.

It was surprisingly lighter than I expected. All the oils I had used in the past seemed really greasy and would leave my skin shiny. In the contrary, this one was absorbed straight away. My skin felt immediately moisturised and could breath easily. In the morning, my face was fresh and not shiny at all so I considered it was the perfect dose of hydration. I definitely plan to keep using it.

Between us, I also tried it on my boyfriend who hated the smell (I am used to strong oil smells for my body eczema so I did not pay too much attention.) He was complaining of irritation due to shaving a bit too harshly. Next day was complain free so I guess it worked well for him too.

4. Dr Hauschka Mint Deodorant

Dr Hauschka Mint DeodorantThis deodorant is Antiperspirant and aluminium free and supposed to have a little quantity of alcohol only.

I bought this item because I have a blind faith in DR Hauschka but it disapointed me. Even though it is much better than many of the natural deodorants I tried in the past (You may read my Natural Feminine Deodorant Review), it did not meet my expectations.

The first time I used it irritated my skin. Not so bad but I had a bit of a reaction for couple of day.

Then, I used it after waxing and it really burnt. It lasted for less than 10 seconds but we have to note here that it is a consequence of the alcohol.

Finally, in terms of fighting the bad odors, it is average. I do get slightly smelly at the end of the day so my heart keep going to Elsa’s deodorants!

However, as you can see on Dr Hauschka site, many people loved it so it might be not suitable for me only

5. The Brightening AHA Peel Mask by Madara 

This mask is supposed to brighten, exfoliate, cleanse your pores and fight fine lines. It sounds like a miracle, right? You can read my review about it here. I had too much to say about it! 

Hope my review will help you to choose the product you want to purchase in a more conscious way. Leave a comment to tell me how useful you found that article!