Are Tattoo’s Vegan?

Tattoos are a great way to express your inner self and creativity. With an unlimited number of designs that can be printed into your skin, tattoos appeal to many.  However the question is, are tattoo’s vegan?

Are Tattoo’s Vegan?

Vegan Tattoo Ink 

The ingredients of tattoo ink may not be something you spend too much time thinking about. One of the most common ingredients in tattoo ink is glycerine and glycerine comes from animal fat. Moreover, other non vegan ingredients in tattoo ink include bone char, gelatin, and shellac from beetles.

It isn’t all bad news though because many tattoo companies have worked to meet the growing demand for vegan tattoos.  Thus, they have created vegan tattoo ink that do not contain any animal products. Some popular vegan tattoo ink brands are Eternal, Bloodline and StarBrite.
If you are thinking of having a tattoo but are worried about the ink ingredients, you may ask your tattoo artist to order the ink in advance.

Other Elements

We do not just have to question “are tattoo’s vegan?” when we step into a tattoo parlour. Other aspects of our tattoo experience need to be vegan as well. Some tattoo parlours use razors that contain glycerin on the gel strip so we advise to take your own. Indeed you can find a razor that uses products such as aloe vera instead.
Besides, your tattoo artist may use a non vegan design paper to create your tattoo stencil. Indeed, they are commonly made from lanolin which originates from sheep’s wool.

Spirit Tattoo Products sell vegan friendly transfer paper so you can request this from your tattoo artist or order some before you attend your appointment.


Many tattoo artists encourage you to use Vaseline or similar products for your tattoo aftercare. However, Vaseline’s parent company Unilever currently test on animals. As an alternative for your tattoo aftercare you could use these organic vegan brands-
Tattoo Goo Lotion
Hustle Butter
After Inked
Ohana Organics


Where to get your Vegan Tattoo

If you are on a search to find the perfect vegan tattoo studio/artist, click here.
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Written by Rebecca Jones