Alternatives To Fast Fashion

If you read our articles about the effects of fast fashion, you have a better understanding regarding the “dirty” facts behind every those fashion brands. It is high time to fight that industry so read below to find out a few Alternatives To Fast Fashion.

1. Buy secondhand

Stop throwing away, give them to secondhand shops and enjoy this opportunity to shop there. Awesome news, it is cheaper and a fun game to play! Looking for the perfect piece in piles can be really rewarding and your treasure will have a story. 

2. Avoid fashion trends

We know it’s hard… But lucky you, the trend goes to minimal and clean looks so run away from discounts and don’t let Instagram lure you. You’d better buy one article made to last (even though more expensive) than 4 dresses in Primary that will be worn out after 3 washes. You will also save money!

Lucky you there are many brands out there that clean and made to last. Have you ever had a chance to browse one of those? If you are based in the USA, we are totally in love with Everlane, they rock it. We also really like an English similar brand called Thought Clothing. We finally discovered Matter based in Singapore if you live or travel to Asia.

3. Support ethical brands as alternatives to fast fashion

Many businesses provide eco-friendly and ethical garments with fair-trade license. You can find “hidden gems” if you take time to look for it instead of rushing to H&M. So make conscious choices and spread the word about eco-businesses. Refer to our Sustainable Fashion Brands list to get started!

4. Repair!

It is a pillar of the Zero Waste mantra. Before throwing away one of your worn off cloth make sure you can’t fix it. A button can be sewn and some wholes can easily be fixed. Come on, show off your creativity!

5. Build a Capsule wardrobe

I you really need to organise your closet, try to make it consciously. It is easy to only buy a little of high quality pieces and to make the most of it. If you do it right, we guarantee you will enjoy it. Our article will teach you how to build a capsule wardrobe.

Here are only some of our favourite alternatives to fast fashion! However this list is not exhaustive and you just need to be a bit creative to find new ways that suit your lifestyle better. Not everyone loves second hand shop but they might be big fans of organic cotton clothes!

To read official articles about how dirty the fast fashion industry is, you can refer to this Article.