About Ellyla

Ian and Sarika created Ellyla out of passion for the planet. They do believe that we need to stop dressing up to impress and to focus on sustainable, ethical and low carbon future. We are big supporters of that brand and its concept that proves that accessories can be trendy, affordable, ethical and sustainable.

Those are also our core values and we are so proud to have built that partnership. We are glad to offer those products to you! Let’s now dive in and see how great Ellyla is.

Ellyla is Ethical & Fair Trade

All the bags we sell on the marketplace are made in India by skilled artisans who have perfected their art though years of traditions and generations. By giving them the opportunity to sell their products, they ensure that those people are fairly treated and well paid.

The range is Vegan

Ian and Sarika only use natural fabrics that do not come from animals. None of the bags is made of fur or leather. A top priority for us, vegan friends, you are safe!


We don’t know about you, but we try to boycott big corporates and their dodgy practices as much as we can. We want more authenticity and transparency! By supporting an independent and small brand like Ellyla, you make real people’s dreams come true and you engage with a company that cares and guarantees honesty.

Very important to us: the brand is Eco Friendly

And they are for so many reasons! It is never too many, right?

They only use natural and sustainable fabrics such as jute, raffia, bamboo, mango wood, hemp and organic cotton. They are all sourced locally using sustainable farming methods. That means not dirty chemical that will pollute rivers, lakes, oceans and soils!

Their ethical bags are made to last! Nobody wants a bag that will break after a season and you surely do not want to have to replace it within 6 months if you care for the planet. Remember, shop less and shop better!

They are designed for biodegradability which means that once you will have cherished them their whole lifetime, they will not end up in a landfill for centuries, they will decompose and keep mother earth safe!

They are also designed for recyclability so they can have a second life and serve another purpose. No need to worry about your waste if you buy one of those stylish bags.

Last but as important as the rest, the brand does not use plastic packaging. They hand pack your bag using recyclable materials. We love it when brands go the extra mile to make your purchase as green as possible.

Oh and let’s not forget: style and price

The brand is so beautiful! Seriously, have you seen those bags? An orgasm for the sight! And they do not cost your week salary. Who said that ethical fashion must be expensive?