6 Signs You Need Personal Development For Changemakers

Activists, sustainable business owners and conscious human beings go through a lot without caring so much about Personal Development For Changemakers. I would even say that they don’t realize how critical it is to be at your best if you want to bring a better world forward. 

I have been there! Before I started putting effort in my personal development and growth, I was just fighting full time against everything and everyone. It worked for a while. I caught people’s attention towards a more sustainable lifestyle, I supported them in shifting their habits to lower their impact and that was incredibly fulfilling. Until it wasn’t anymore…. One day I opened my eyes to a difficult reality: I was working my ass off, exhausted, burnout, miserable. And it showed in my energy and in my work. Why would anybody want to work with an empty and angry lady? What ended up being unsustainable for me turned to also be unsustainable for the rest of humanity on Earth. 

I am assuming that you are here because you have some doubts about your own ability to keep fighting or you are after a more efficient and pleasant way to do so. Good news, you are in the right place. In that blog post, I’ll share with you 6 Signs You Need Personal Development For Changemakers. I promise that gaining awareness about what is to improve AND taking action on it is a gift!

1) You Are Exhausted

You are exhausted because you don’t take enough time off to relax and rest. You never allow yourself to pause, stop or even slow down a little bit. 

Why? Because you subconsciously bought into the misunderstanding that you are not enough. As a result you over-do and over-achieve to prove it wrong. 

Ex: Jenn believes that she’s not a good enough person deep down (of course she is not conscious of that belief). So Jenn needs to prove to herself and everyone around her that she is “good” by donating, working for free, protesting… Which would be amazing if she wasn’t exhausting herself doing so. 

The thing is that: until Jenn addresses her unconscious belief, she’ll keep on chasing accomplishments and no matter what “she’ll never do enough”. 

2) You Are Constantly In Fight Mode Without Personal Development For Changemakers

You are so angry and frustrated when you look at the current situation of the world. You are mad at everyone and everything. You don’t know how to process that (legit) rage in a healthy way so you spend your time fighting. 

The problem here is that not only are you wasting your own life by not allowing joy in, but you are also being counter productive. You can’t convince people to join you with your anger.

3) You Feel Like You Carry The World On Your Shoulders

Because if you don’t, who will make the change happen? 

Well, Changemakig Sister, see the paradox here! This constant stress and pressure are dragging you down. You spend so much energy feeling stressed and guilty that you have hardly enough time to take care of you. 

And without you, how will the cause move forward anyway? 

4) You Burn Out To Change Our world

Ok, do I need to explain that one?

You spend so much time working your ass off that you start hating everything you do. You develop resentment, you lack energy, you lack passion. And damn gurl, we need the best of your heart and soul to see things moving! Burnt-out you won’t help my love! 

5) You Suffer From Eco-anxiety & Need Personal Development For Changemakers

No matter what you do to protect our planet, it’s never enough. You believe that no matter what happens, we’re screwed! Hear me out, coming from that energy, you won’t convince anyone to join our fight. You won’t even be able to bring the best of you to the fight.

6) You Dream Of Starting A Sustainable Business Or NGO But Self Doubt Don’t Let You

Well my love, the world needs more of you.

Of course you are scared. Of course it’s gonna be hard! But you know what’s harder? Regrets and what ifs. So put on your big girl panties, get some help and take it one step at the time. You’ve got this! 

Ok, now that I’ve got your attention, I have not shared these signs that you need Personal Development For Changemakers to freak you out! I want you to know that it’s ok to feel the way you feel. It’s ok to behave the way you do. It’s ok to think the way you do. 

But if you ever needed a sign that it’s time to make a change and to start the beautiful inner work that will support you in supporting your cause, here it is. 

If you want support in doing that inner work, I am your girl! I run 3 different coaching offers that are dedicated to changemakers. 

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Written by Marine Leclerc

Cover photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash