6 Reasons To Adopt A Consume Less Live Better Lifestyle

Have you ever thought about a Consume Less, Live Better Lifestyle? Bare with me, you must. We buy more and more and surely way too much! According to Tara Button in A Life Less Throw Away, a woman buys 67 fashion items a year while she was only owning 9 outfits in 1930. Do we really need that much? NO!

On one hand it is terrible for the planet. Indeed, we notice more waste in the field and the over production is energy greedy. Read about the impact of fast fashion on the environment if you are interested to know more.

On the other hand, it is a clutter that makes us unhappy. Recent studies proved that materialism increases loneliness. The mental Health Foundation revealed that 46% of the British feels that society is getting lonelier. So how about we start consuming less to be happier? Here are 6 reasons to buy less. Keep on reading! 

1. Feel luxurious

If you decide to buy less, you will figure out that you can buy « luxurious » items. As you buy less often, you have more money to make smarter purchases. Instead of buying 5 average tops, you can afford a much better quality one. And why not getting that top from a fancy brand you always dreamt of? A consume less, live better approach gives it to you.

2. Consume Less, Live Better, Save money

It is pretty obvious, but it is worth reminding! If labels and designers’ products are not important to you but that you value high quality that is not overpriced, you will save money! When you buy a long-lasting item, even if it is twice the price, I can guarantee it will last more than twice as long. 

3. Say “no” to planned obsolescence 

Planned obsolescence occurs when a company deliberately manufactures a product with a shorter lifetime than it could have. It is unfortunately a common practice and there is no other way to fight it than by making conscious shopping choices. As a result of buying less, you will make sure the products you buy are made to last. It is a natural desire to make the most of what you spend so you will avoid all planned obsolescence wherever you can. Read reviews and repair your things instead of buying new products. Succeed in fighting corporate nasty plans to make more money on your back.

4. Save the Planet 

That can sound a bit crazy but it is highly relevant! By buying less and adopting a sustainable approach, you will reduce your waste. Do you know how many waste ends up in landfills every year? 235 million fashion items in 2017 according to the Guardian. And here we only talk about the fashion industry. Logically speaking, shop less, waste less and save the planet.

5. Consume Less, Live Better, Have fun

If you aim to buy less, you will soon realise you need to take care of your belongings and to repair them. Learning how to repair can be fun and develops your creativity. It also gives you the opportunity to personalise your pieces which is especially cool for clothes because it adds special touches to your basics. 

6. Tell your story with Pride

While buying less, you will make your shopping experience more valuable. As they are rare, they do matter, and you make them special. Buying a dress during a trip, thrifting furniture during dedicated events… you will love those belongings because they will come with a story that matters to you. 

As I buy less and less, I feel happier and happier to shop. It makes the experience so much fun. I also spend more on experiences than in things which is according to me priceless. Therefore, I can only recommend it. Here were only 6 reasons but I am sure you will find more while experimenting yourself! 

Written by Marine Leclerc, Founder of Attitude Organic