Our Top 5 Organic Hair Products

Washing our hair is a basic routine that some of us might do every day. It makes you feel clean, fresh and ready to start the day. At Attitude Organic, we always seek new products that make you feel good and that are organic, natural, cruelty-free and of course safe to use. This article brings to your attention organic hair products as well as the ingredients you might want to avoid. Also, we picked our best five Organic Hair Products in the market. If you are an organic beauty enthusiast, check them out!

Why Should You Use Organic Hair Products?

Common hair products contain carcinogen synthetic chemicals. Thus if you use traditional shampoos and conditioners continuously, they might generates long-term health risk such as cancer and tumours. They also irritates the skin  on a daily basis and potentially causes nausea. Keep reading for the full of ingredients to avoid from!

Organic hair products are definitely safe to use as they do not contain any synthetic chemical or irritants. They are mostly plant based and contain natural ingredients such as essential oils, vitamins, fruit-derived ingredients and so much more! Since they don’t use strong chemicals, you will find that most of organic hair products do not have strong flowery/fruity scent and do not lather. But don’t worry! All the vitamins and natural ingredients will provide you a gentle care and create better looking hair!

Most ethical hair products are also committed to cruelty free production. They use only fair trade ingredients and are definitely categorised as sustainable businesses.

Ingredients To Avoid When Buying Hair Care Product

To give you a better understanding about why organic hair products are promising, we have listed the 6 chemical ingredients that are commonly used in regular hair products. Indeed, you need to know how to check ingredients in cosmetics AND in shampoos!

  1. Sodium laureth sulfate: an harsh chemical that makes the shampoo foam. This ingredient is carcinogenic if you apply it on the skin.
  2. Parabens: it mimic oestrogen in female’s body and it is often associated with breast cancer and tumors.
  3. Dimethicone. This lightweight silicone traps moisture, bacteria and impurities inside the skin. Acne Prone people should not to use products that contains this chemical since it can cause blackheads and breakouts.
  4. Formaldehyde is present in almost every beauty and baby products. Several countries such as Japan and Sweden banned it because of its carcinogen nature. Continuous usage might lead to skin irritation and nausea.
  5. Ammonium lauryl sulfate: this toxin cannot be used too often. Generally speaking, avoid all sulfates as they irritate sensitive skins.
  6. Triethanolamine. You can find this pH balancer in most cosmetics even though it is unfortunately a strong alcohol base…

Organic and Natural Hair Care Products

Now that you know the health risk potential that might occur from the continuous usage of regular shampoo, you probably wish to know more about organic hair products. Here are our 5 picks!

Odylique natural shampoo

Odylique organic hair products

It is one of the best products if you have allergic or sensitive to any synthetic chemicals. Odylique is sulfate free, parabens free, and artificial fragrance free. It only uses cold pressed plant-based ingredients so customers can get the full benefits of its organic ingredients. The brand is also vegan, cruelty-free and responsible for environmental health since they use a recyclable packaging for their products. Moreover, they have their fair-trade certification!

Try their Gentle Herb Shampoo for sensitive scalp and give you shining smooth hair.

PHB Ethical Beauty

PHB natural shampoo

This certified organic brand has obtained many awards and is recognised as the best natural beauty brand (standing ovation!). Their products are handmade in the UK, cruelty-free, vegan, halal and use only organic and natural ingredients. PHB is also an ethical and sustainable business that uses 100% recyclable materials for all their packaging. Besides, they invest in charities for animal sanctuary and deaf blind foundation support.

Their organic hair products are safe even for cancer patients (wow), parabens free, artificial fragrance free, formaldehyde free and triethanolamine free. You should definitely try their Tea Tree & Lime Shampoo! It’s refreshing and leaving your hair silky smooth without looking greasy.

Kind Natured

Kind natured organic shampoo

First thing you’ll see on their website is that they believe in keeping it all natural. They pay great attention to every ingredient they use to avoid any synthetic chemicals that may harm customer’s skin.

Kind Natured organic hair products are parabens free, sulfate free, petroleum free, micro beads free and they test their products on human. Their green, natural and organic products are gentle to the skin and body. Try their Argan and Kukui Oil shampoo to reduce the greasiness in your hair!

Yes To

  1. Yes To Shampoo

Another amazing all natural and organic hair products! Yes To is another company that achieved certification from PETA, which proves they did not test their product on animals. Those products are parabens free, fragrance free and the company avoids any other synthetic chemicals. Moreover, they believe that “by working along side women and aligning with like-minded organisations, Yes To will help change the way women find and radiate true happiness.”Is your hair ready to radiate with Yes To products? We would recommend their Cucumber range to give volume to fine hairs!

We are definitely impressed by all these brands that put an extra mile to get the best natural and organic ingredients in their products. So have you decide which organic hair products to use next? Share your thoughts with us!