3 tips to get to know the eco-life of a city when travelling

Today, Attitude Organic is really happy to introduce you to Emilia From Mixua. Read below what she has to share with us!

About Emilia

Emilia From Mixua

Hello! I am Emilia, founder of Eco Lifestyle Tours & E-Shop (Mixua) in Belgium. I started this project a bit less than a year ago after quitting my corporate job. I realised that my time and life was too valuable for me to be stuck in the corporate rat race, so I decided to dedicate my life to what’s most important to me: Love for people and nature. I became aware that we can all make a positive impact by making conscious purchase decisions, so I started an eco-lifestyle blog, which then led to the Eco Lifestyle Tours and the Eco E-Shop.

Join the Eco Lifestyle Tour

Untitled design (12)-minEco Lifestyle Tour

The Eco Lifestyle Tour is a great way to know the eco-life of a city when travelling. When I travel, I try to avoid tourist traps and I search for local shops, zero-waste or organic shops, talk to locals, nice hidden gems and healthy veggie/vegan spots to eat. This is for me the best way how to get to get to know the city and maintain my eco-habits. So how does the Eco Lifestyle Tour help?

The Eco Lifestyle Tour is a fun, guided city walk through the vibrant eco-life of a city.
The participants visit zero-waste shops, ethical fashion, healthy veggie/vegan coffee bars, creative ateliers and natural personal care. During this tour they also meet the entrepreneurs and artists behind these places and products. It’s the perfect opportunity to get to know locals and ask them questions related to these topics. I have started organizing these tours in Belgium, more specifically in Brussels, Ghent and Antwerp. You find more information here. In a future I hope to bring these tours also to Amsterdam (Netherlands) and Paris (France).

Talk to locals

Eco Tour in the city

If there is no Eco Tour in the city you are visiting, there are other sources that can help you find green shops and hotspots. One of the best source are locals. The easiest place to go is an information centre. Normally you find them in stations or in the city centres. If you stay at an Airbnb house, you can ask your host for any eco-places in the neighbourhood. In some cities there are also free city tours, you can join one and take the opportunity to ask your guide for recommendations, such as where to find local markets, organic foods, veggie/vegan places, etc.

Ask Google or specific Facebook groups

If locals don’t know any eco-spots, you can also find help online. There are many bloggers that enjoy sharing their experiences, tips and recommendations about eco-places and activities, all around the world. So just enter Google and use keywords “blog”, “eco”, “ethical fashion”, “zero-waste”, “organic” or “eco hotels”, and the city you are visiting. Also, don’t be afraid to contact bloggers asking for more detailed information. As a blogger myself, I can tell you that we like sharing information and helping others ?

If you don’t find any blogger to help you, you can also turn to Facebook. There are many groups full of people that want to help. There are many zero-waste groups, listed per country or city. You can just join a group and ask for tips. There are also Facebook groups for ethical fashion, organic cosmetics or eco-lifestyle in general.

I hope you find this information helpful and look forward to meet you during an Eco Lifestyle  Tour when you come to Belgium! Let’s connect also through Facebook or Instagram.

We hope that you love Emilia’s project as much as we do and that you plan on Eco-travelling very soon! You may also refer to our interview with Vivianne to learn more about Vegan Travel.