3 simple ideas to start with Ecodecor

As you went for organic cosmetics and a sustainable fashion closet, you would also like an eco house, but you are worried that it is going to be difficult and expensive. Do not worry, you will find in this article 3 simple ideas to start with ecodecor and to make your home green and more sustainable.


Plants, a good start for an eco house


No need to argue that plants are a source of happiness in the house. It is a perfect decoration, cheap and there so many styles of flowers that you will obviously find one you like (even if you are fussy). Second advantage, they absorb carbon dioxide, produce oxygen and remove toxic chemicals from the air. These beautiful ecodecor staples will not only be pretty but will make your home an healthier place to be. Read more about the impacts of plants on your home .


Use recycled glass as ecodecor



The production of glass is not eco friendly. The heat that is necessary to melt sand, dolomite and other material results in the emission of greenhouse glasses. So 2 things here: do not forget to recycle your glass in the proper bin AND use your glass bottles and glass recipients as green home accessories. Presented this way, you probably imagine some disgusting flower vases, but you would be surprise of all those hipsters places that found an interesting way to make the most of it. Adopt thie vibe ASAP!


Adopt natural fabrics


Natural fabrics like organic cotton are easy to find fair trade and ethically made. For example you can find ‘Natural Towel’ that would add a hint of color to your bathroom while being ultra soft. Another easy way to get more eco friendly products for the home is to opt for an organic bedding, made from certified organic cotton, grown without pesticide and chemical fertilizers, they are also softer and more comfortable than random sheets. Their high quality materials also make them hypoallergenic and more breathable. Get tempted now by a trendy and more environmental friendly bedding!

You now have very basics idea to make your home more eco friendly in all simplicity without neglecting the style. You would never think it could be that easy, right? It is probably because you did not realise how simple details can make such a big difference. Not only the world with thank you, but your sleep quality too.